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251 Bagley Street
Vallejo, CA 949592
United States

(415) 877-2211

As its name implies, Intermodal Structures designs, manufactures and delivers single and multi-story, steel frame buildings (intermodally) to customers located anywhere in the world. The buildings are earthquake and hurricane/typhoon proof and their moment frame design enables 40 feet of clear span without requiring any columns or structural walls. Their long life, expandability (both horizontally and vertically), adaptability to different uses over time and relocatability future proofs our buildings. 

Transformation Story


iMod Factory

Along with transforming classrooms and how they are built today, iMod Structures is also transforming a massive 100-year old factory that once produced the world’s most advanced submarines for the U.S. Navy.  

Part of the historic Mare Island Naval Ship Yard on the Western shore of San Francisco Bay, the new 100,000-square-foot home of iMod Structures has been transformed into a modern manufacturing facility now producing high performance classrooms marrying advanced technology with innovations in building design and construction. 

Noted as the site of the U.S. Navy’s first permanent base on the West Coast, Mare Island is now also where iMod Structures is defining the standard for healthy and sustainable 21st Century learning environments.