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2 Pier
SF, CA, 94111
United States

(415) 877-2211

As its name implies, Intermodal Structures designs, manufactures and delivers single and multi-story, steel frame buildings (intermodally) to customers located anywhere in the world. The buildings are earthquake and hurricane/typhoon proof and their moment frame design enables 40 feet of clear span without requiring any columns or structural walls. Their long life, expandability (both horizontally and vertically), adaptability to different uses over time and relocatability future proofs our buildings. 

IMS_TRU_Base LH - Porch_RES - IMS_1 (no solar).jpg

Transitional Relief Units (TRU)

Transitional Residential Units (“TRU”) for Victims of the recent Sonoma County Firestorms

What is a TRU Home? Imagine a high-end, extended-stay, hotel suite that can be delivered by truck to your property and assembled by crane within a few hours. Configured as a 2BR/1BA or 3BR/1BA, the 960 square foot space is designed to exacting standards and incorporates a state-of-the-art kitchen, washer/dryer and embedded home entertainment system. Yes, that Home Theatre TV is flush-mounted inside the wall.

Remarkably, a TRU Home does not even require a foundation (in a single-story configuration) due to its unique steel moment-frame design. Install one of our TRUs on your lot until you are ready to rebuild your home—or keep it on your land while you rebuild. We offer “Future Proof” flexibility: A TRU Home can be leased or purchased and, most importantly, your TRU home can be removed from your property when it is no longer needed. A TRU can be redeployed as another home, or repurposed for another use (i.e. senior housing, workforce housing, a classroom or an office). Think Sustainability!

How do we do it? We start with an innovative steel structure called an iMod. At our factory, a sophisticated interior panelized system with plug and play electrical and plumbing is installed and the sound-absorbing ceiling delivers virtually silent air and heat. At your home site, in just a few hours, three assembled iMods are bolted together like a Lego to magically create a TRU Home. The fourth iMod becomes a covered outdoor porch. The TRU Home is an inviting, extended-stay, hotel suite . . .  but one that is located on your property (until you don't need it anymore).

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